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Research & Development is necessary in every industry but majorly in pharmaceuticals industry for the fact that research for new ingredients can save thousands of life. Caring for bettering human health and saving thousands of life, we, NGB Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., research and develop pharmaceuticals.

We are a Surat (Gujarat, India) based pharmaceuticals producing business unit that is growing as a manufacturer and wholesaler by meeting market needs pertaining to effective pharmaceutical products. From our establishment in 2014, we are updating our product-line. Our collection of pharmaceuticals encompasses three major category of pharmaceuticals, which are Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Capsule and Pharmaceutical Tablet, Cefixime Dispersible Tablets.

Our vision is to make medicines affordable for one and all which is why we have a reasonable price structure at our company. All pharmaceuticals and their dosages are discussed with doctors before production so that highly effective health bettering products are produced.

We have our hi-tech production plant at Sachin GIDC. Our unit is designed to cater majorly turnkey contract basis projects under expert supervision. We have been investing a large amount in upgrading our systems and instruments for quality as well as quantity pharmaceutical products.

We have a perfect environment at our facility where there are not only excellent manufacturing machines but also experienced staff and a health authority approving facility. We care for our experts which is why we train them regularly and care for their well-being. We, being a responsible company, listen to what our stakeholders have to say. In the pharmaceuticals industry, we are enjoying our wide and effective presence of our customers.
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We have a department at our facility by the name of Quality Assurance Department



Our manufacturing facility conforms to EU, FDA and CGMP regulations.



We have a dedicated R&D department at our unit.


Business Development

Like any other company, business development is very important

NGB Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

We are a responsible manufacturer of Antibiotics, producing with the goal to help people by preventing them from diseases and work with fair policies.